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Frankie Loves Florence

Coming 2021, a brand new graphic novel from author Kassidy Lingenfelter. Spawned from a collaboration with Kassidy for his new book, the earrings in this collection are carefully crafted into wearable versions of Kassidy's incredible original artwork. These designs are 100% original. If you can't get enough of it, visit FrankieBruce on for t-shirts, tapestries, throw pillows, and even phone cases. Kinley and I have ordered several things and we love how each item has turned out.

Summary of the novel:

"‘Frankie Loves Florence’ is an upcoming series of high fantasy romance graphic novels. The story itself is one of cosmic love, savage violence, and horrifying inter-dimensional evil... taking place in another time and space altogether. ‘Frankie Loves Florence’ is an expansive science fiction epic; created for lovers of storytelling in the hopes of sparking your wildest imagination, and to take you away to a different world you’ll want to visit again and again... with love, for all you far out space punks.