Recycle for Rewards



We have decided to launch a promotion called "Recycle for Rewards," and it's pretty simple. You know those cute little boxes we use to ship your earrings? Instead of throwing them away, we want you to collect them and mail them back to us in exchange for a free pair of earrings!

Details & Requirements: Once you've accumulated ten of our logo stamped boxes, package those suckers up in an old shipping envelope you've got lying around (the boxes don't weigh much so shipping will be hella cheap), and mail them to:

Smells Like Crime - Box Return

1753 N Orianna St.

Philadelphia, PA 19122

After you ship them, send us an email at with tracking to let us know they're on the way - Don't forget to include a mailing address where we can send your free pair of earrings!

Process: When your package arrives (be sure to label it with your name) we'll count the boxes, put them back with our others for reuse, and then we will add you to our promo recipient list. In the last weekend of each month, we will ship out a free pair of earrings to anyone who has mailed us ten boxes. 

The Free Pair: To continue our mission to reduce waste, these promo earrings will be made throughout the month from leftover or excess materials! Excess material accumulates as we create, often leaving us with chunks of unused clay in beautiful colors. This excess is not enough to make an entire line of earrings, so it sits around & piles up as we continue to create new things. We've seen other creators come up with incredible ways to use scraps, but more often than not, there isn't enough excess to make enough to sell, so it gets thrown away! Throwing away clay is incredibly wasteful and bad for the planet. Lately we've been using our excess clay to make "misfit" earrings or rings (one-off pieces), and we'll probably still do that if we have excess excess... but we are SO hype about this idea, and we thought you would be too. 

Basically, you'll get a unique pair of earrings for FREE for recycling our boxes, we'll get shipping supplies back, saving us time & resources, and less waste will go out into our beautiful planet. It's a win win win :)