Our Customers Repping SLC

Somewhere along the way society decided that bold style isn't work-appropriate, and we couldn't disagree more.  Our society impliedly (and sometimes expressly) demands that adults dress “professionally” so that they will be taken seriously. The clothing that represents society’s idea of appropriate and professional is often interpreted with neutral tones, plain cuts, and boring, blend-in pieces. What does this societal expectation say about its acceptance of diversity? Of the atypical? At best, we think it indicates societal discomfort, at worst, it indicates an out-and-out rejection.

We believe that society doesn't get to tell you how to represent yourself, and you don't have to force yourself into an arbitrary mold to make a good impression. There is nothing unprofessional about wearing bright colors, loud prints, bold outfits, unique styles, or stand-out pieces regardless of your shape, gender, color, or personality.

In fact, we think society's interpretation of professional should shift - What constitutes "professionalism" should be a reflection who you are on the inside, not what makes you blend in, stand down, or hide your individuality. Employers, friends, and family shouldn't be threatened by how you stand out, they should celebrate and value your uniqueness because of what it brings to the table.  

Smells Like Crime is here to help make this shift, and we're not the only ones! Customers have come in droves to purchase our unique pieces and show them off in their own professional, adult, unique way. We think it's cool AF and we'd kill to have people who stand out like this working in our office someday. Keep scrolling to see what we mean!