Batty - Smells Like Crime
Batty - Smells Like Crime
Batty - Smells Like Crime
Batty - Smells Like Crime

Recycled Bat Earrings - “Batty”

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These bat earrings were created in collaboration with author Kassidy Lingenfelter for the release of his novel "Frankie Meets Florence." "Batty" is an exact replica of Kassidy's original graphic artwork, and it features recycled vinyl materials, hand-painted detail, and hook attachments.

“‘Frankie Loves Florence’ is an upcoming series of high fantasy romance graphic novels. The story itself is one of cosmic love, savage violence, and horrifying inter-dimensional evil... taking place in another time and space altogether. ‘Frankie Loves Florence’ is an expansive science fiction epic; created for lovers of storytelling in the hopes of sparking your wildest imagination, and to take you away to a different world you’ll want to visit again and again... with love, for all you far out space punks.”

REDBUBBLE: ALSO - if you’re interested in more of Kassidy’s amazing art on T-shirts, hoodies, dresses, tapestries, and even phone cases, check out Frankie Bruce on Redbubble. Kin and I have ordered several things and we LOVE every piece we’ve gotten (peep the tapestry behind Kinley’s bed in one of our very first Instagram posts - “Vertigo”)

Product Details:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Hand painted 
  • Surgical steel silver hardware
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Lightweight and durable