Handcrafted clay rainbow stripe triangle earrings
Handcrafted clay red snake earrings
Handcrafted clay mini red skull earrings
Handcrafted clay, white and black abstract square earrings
Handcrafted and upcycled mint green vinyl cat earrings
Handcrafted clay kite earrings with silver detail
Handcrafted peach clay kite earrings
Handcrafted steel gray clay kite earrings
Handcrafted clay, black and white stripe geometric stud earrings
Handcrafted clay, red and black stripe geometric stud earrings
Handcrafted clay, rainbow stripe geometric stud earrings
Handcrafted clay matchstick earrings
Handcrafted clay everything bagel earrings
Blonde model wearing handcrafted, orange clay face earrings

All "Misfit" Earrings

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We love sustainability - you know this by now. One of the most frustrating things about being a perfectionist creator is that we end up with LOTS of pieces that get axed or don't make it to release. Sometimes prototypes don't turn out exactly how we envisioned, we have extra pieces with no match, the paint chips and can't be fixed, the clay isn't perfectly baked, or some other flaw precludes us from listing them for sale.

That being said, they aren't un-wearable! We often keep our prototypes or less than perfect pieces for personal use... but now that our company is expanding we're ending up with far too many pieces to keep, and we figured you might want some of the love for a discount. From now on, all misfits and singles will be listed here at a discount. 

Our hope is that this will reduce our waste AND provide very economically friendly & one-of-a-kind pieces for you. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you see a photographed pair without earring hooks, don't worry - we will install all hardware before mailing them to you :) There are no returns or exchanges on these pieces. 

This collection of earrings will rotate in and out, so check back frequently!